Philippine General Hospital

Manila, Philippines

Hospital Lead:
Dr. Irewin Tabu
Total Enrollment:
For over 40 years, the Department of Orthopedics of the University of the Philippines Manila – Philippine General Hospital has been providing Filipinos with the best in Orthopedic health care. Driven by its commitment to leadership and excellence in service, training and research, yet grounded in its humanistic tradition, the department takes pride in not only providing services at par with world-class standards, but in also spearheading the development and enhancement of the various Orthopedic subspecialties in the national setting. At present, the department has graduated a total of 171 highly competent and skilled surgeons distributed all over the country.

The department strongly believes that research is one of the avenues to help improve the practice of orthopaedics. The residents, with the guidance from our consultants, generate research papers and research protocols that are approved by the Philippine General Hospital Ethics Review Board. Our consultants themselves produce research papers together with other orthopaedic surgeons from other hospitals.

Currently, we are one of the leading institutions that publish research papers both nationally and internationally. To add to this, one of our consultants was able to publish a textbook that is currently distributed worldwide. Some of the residents had the opportunity to present their research papers in conferences abroad, United States and Australia.

Currently, our department has invested in an internet-based data collection form to enhance the research output of the department. We aim to publish more of our work in the years to come.
From left to right: Dr. paula reyes, Jenna mendoza-gonzales, Dr. Irewin Tabu, bam robles, aya Caiquep, Dr. Pam Gervasio.

Dr. Irewin Tabu

Site Principal Investigator