Hospital Universitario de Caracas

Caracas, Venezuela

Hospital Lead:
Dr. Igor A. Escalante Elguezabal
Total Enrollment:
The Hospital Universitario de Caracas (HUC) is a publicly owned hospital located in the spaces of the Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, part of the Central University of Venezuela, located in the Chaguaramos parish of Libertador Municipality in the District Capital of Venezuela and west of Caracas Metropolitan District and the city of Caracas, the north central Venezuela.

The HUC is by far the most important health institution in the country. Founded in 1958, the HUC is a 1600 bed hospital that hosts 33 postgraduate residencies, 15 fellowships and many other training courses within the medical sciences. The orthopedic trauma center has a complete wing with areas for patients and 3 operating rooms dedicated to orthopedics and hand surgery. Orthopedics at HUC is the busiest major surgical service in the hospital with 1300 surgical cases per year of mayor orthopedics and another 600 cases are treated in the day clinic (mostly hand surgery, arthroscopy and some foot and ankle cases). Morbidity fed by the ongoing violence and motor vehicle accident burden makes up one third of all admissions. HUC orthopedics, has participated in some multicenter studies, where almost all the AO activities in Venezuela are coordinated from HUC Orthopaedics. The orthopedics program at HUC is a University affiliated program that will accept 5 or 6 residents per year for their last 3 years of training PGY 3, 4 and 5. A complete hand surgery residency program is also hosted at HUC with 2 residents per year that stay there for 3 years. This hand surgery program is also University affiliated.

The Infrastructure that is dedicated to research is a 90 square meter area that was remodeled in 2002 and we have one part time aid that has experience with record keeping. Faculty at HUC Orthopedics is formed by a chair a vice chair and 5 work teams, where each team has a head and 3 or 4 attending surgeons. Each team has general trauma and one area of expertise. For instance, team one, does general orthopedics and joint replacements. The University also publishes an indexed digital medical journal.

Orthopaedic Ward
Residents' office and pre-op planning station
Access to main surgical area
Female patient wing

Dr. Igor A. Escalante Elguezabal

Site Principle Investigator

Dr. Andrés Ignacio Serrano Odremán


Dr. Gabriela J Rodríguez Aguilera


Dr. Carlos Sanchez Valenciano