Lumbini Medical College & Teaching Hospital

Palpa, Nepal

Hospital Lead:
Dr. Subin Byanjankar, Dr. Sagar Narang
Total Enrollment:
Lumbini Medical College & Teaching Hospital (LMCTH) is a private medical college that was established in 2007 in the western hilly region of Nepal. It is located in Tansen, Palpa district and Lumbini Zone. It is a 600 bed hospital with various facilities such as CT scan, as well as highly equipped operation theaters and sub-specialty services.

Being in a hilly region, there is very high rate of road traffic accidents, as well as falls and farm injuries. LMCTH orthopedics department provides 24 hour trauma services along with spine surgical services. We admit a high number of emergency trauma patients from the 10 districts nearby.
Dr. Subin Byanjankar, Dr. Ruban Raj Joshi, Dr. Rajeev Dwivedi, and Dr. Jay Raj Sharma

Dr. Subin Byanjankar

Site Principal Investigator

Dr. Sagar Narang

Site Principal Investigator