Centro Medico Imbanaco, Colombia

Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Hospital Lead:
Dr. Mauricio Zuluaga Botero
Total Enrollment:
In the early 1970s, a group of professors from the Universidad del Valle School of Medicine conceived the idea of ​​creating a specialist center to practice their private practice. With this dream, the Imbanaco Medical Center (CMI) began, which opened its doors to the Cali community in August 1976. The Imbanaco Medical Center , was laying the foundations of an entity committed to serving with quality to care for and preserve life, and was creating a community of loyal clients that had already perceived its differentiated value proposition from the beginning. This approach to a service strategy - which has been maintained throughout its history - is what has shaped the profile of the company, has convened different wills, and has allowed consistent and intelligent decisions about the appropriate allocation of resources, the choice of different services, and the adoption of new technologies. Interdisciplinary groups of the Imbanaco Medical Center, have forged important achievements of medical science in treatments for Parkinson's and brain tumors through stereotaxy and gamma-ray surgery, as well as minimally invasive neurosurgery and skull base; hearing problems, with cochlear implants; heart, brain and arterial pathologies, with the implantation of devices guided by the arterial system. The most complex orthopedic problems are treated through joint replacements, spinal injuries, with the implantation of special devices, such as mechanical discs; vision problems with stromal ring implantation that prevent corneal transplantation and infertility problems, through advanced assisted reproductive techniques. The Imbanaco Medical Center has had to climb many steps, in pursuit of its vision and the achievement of its great objective: To always provide safe medical care to care for and preserve Life.