Ruth Paz Foundation

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Hospital Lead:
Dr. Tomás Minueza
Total Enrollment:
The Ruth Paz Foundation is a a non-profit organization devoted to providing medical services to low-income children. Their objective is to improve children’s life expectancy and quality of life through an efficient and timely medical service, with a staff thoroughly trained and committed to Honduran development. Ruth Paz started her medical charity work in 1969 bringing in medical teams and taking Honduran children to the U.S. for much needed medical care. In 1992, The Foundation was registered as a legal entity by Honduran law thru resolution No. 190-92. In 1999, The United States Treasury Department granted The Ruth Paz Foundation 501(c) 3 status for non-governmental organization. The foundation provides services to more than 42,000 people a year ( including more than 1800 specialized surgeries) through its various services at both the Ruth Paz Clinic and Hospital.

Dr. Tomás Minueza

Site Principal Investigator